Here are some of the fragmented fairy tales that are worth a read!

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Our Poetry project...Here is an extract from the most recent email sent to me.( Click here to find out more about Moreton Hall )
Dear Jenny,
Good news! The dates in September which you suggested are good for us and 'Poetry Pals' will make for a very exciting start to the term. I’ve added our timetable to the planning document; taking into account the time difference, I think the Monday lesson ties in with your 7M class. I might be able to swap a lesson with another teacher to fit in with your other group and I’ll look into this next week. Then we would know if it is possible to work on something in real time and could think about exactly what to do - I'm not sure what you had in mind. Your outline of activities ties in with what we had envisaged which was that the first stage would be to explore a particular poem and present the poem and our ideas about it to the other school, and the second stage for the students to share their original writing based on the poem and give feedback. Did you imagine each student producing a poem individually or working in groups? I wondered whether you have already chosen the poet/poem which you will use and whether you will be working on the same poem with each class?One idea we have is to extend the poetry study part of the scheme so that we build an anthology, with each pupil selecting one poem for inclusion and adding the reasons for their choice and perhaps an illustration. This would need to be a longer term goal but might be worth considering.I've spent some time introducing myself to how wikis work and will make it a priority to be feeling confident before September. I assume that the permissions will be set so that only our two schools will have access to view and to edit the contentApologies for another long delay - I am back at home now and in school most days from 28th August onwards so I will be able to respond to messages promptly. I hope you feel there is still time to fine tune all the details ready for a September start and look forward to hearing from you soon.external image cleardot.gif

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