It's homework time!!! Hooray!!!
TERM THREEI have a reading challenge for you: Test your reading speed at this link, and then practise improving it here! It's loads of fun, but it can drive you crazy, so do not blame me when you become a reading speed freak! Just remember that a TRUE speed freak understands the text as well!!!!

Week 1
Your multimedia story is due on Friday

Week 2
Olympic Week - no homework

Week 3 30/7 - 3/8
Work on your oral
Spelling test next Wednesday
Reading of your own choice
Comparative essay is due next week, but you should be able to complete it in class. The assessment rubric is on the Gr 7 Showcase page. Due date is next Wednesday!
Learning Style assessment. Fill your name in on THIS form.

Week 4 6/8 - 9/8
Your oral is due next week
Maths Test 14 August: triangles, quadrilaterals and decimal fractions LEARN!!!!!!

Week 5 13/8 - 17/8
Oral is due on Thursday as so many children have been ill.

Week 6 20/8 - 24/8
Verbilicious needs to be completed in class on Wednesday this week

Week 7 27/8 - 31/8
Please complete the READING LEVEL ASSESSMENT by next Monday. You can find the link here, or on Symbaloo.
Begin at the Starter Level. Only do one test per colour band.Carry on moving through the colour bands till you achieve 80%. Make sure you remember your level.
New spelling words will be given on Thursday.
Revise for your test next week: verbs, poetry analysis, figurative language (Thanks Nicola!)

Week 8 3/9 - 7/9
Please fill in your name on this READING LEVEL PAGE by the end of this week.
Grammar Test 5/9
Brain Picture

Week 9 10/9 - 14/9
Please ask your parents to give written permission for you to upload a photo of yourself on the Popplet we are creating for LinesAndRhymes. This must be handed in on Monday.
http://popplet.com/app/#/427734 ( Just to give your parents an idea of what we are doing)
No spelling this week.
Please get your English test signed by Tuesday 11th.

Week 10 17/9 -21/9
Spelling for Tuesday this week. You may wish to complete Google's Power Searching which begins on the 24th September. I completed the first one, and learnt an enormous amount!

Here is a link for your parents that explains Facebook


Week 1 9/10 - 12/10
Spelling test on Thursday 11/10
Finish reading Long Walk to Lavender street by Monday 15/10
Start working on your Leavers Dinner Speech.
Poetry Power to be completed in class on Monday

Week 2 15/10 - 19/10
Complete comments on LinesAndRhymes on Monday 15/10
Complete Poetry Power by TODAY. Either email it to me or hand in a hard copy. Once your digital version has been checked, you may print it and paste your notes in your Writing Book.
Spelling for Thursday Long Walk 3

Week 3 22/10 - 26/10
Spelling for Thurs (Long walk to Lavender Street 4)
Exam Revision: Parts of Speech

Week 4

Week 5
Revision is important now. You may want to look at the Gr 6 Symbaloo as well!