Term 3

We will continue with our established routine of a spelling test every Monday morning. Your spelling words will be posted on Wordstash. You are also expected to read every day, and if you do not have a book at hand, make sure you visit the library!!! You need to read for at least twenty minutes each day. (Literature Study will be part of your required reading activities at a later stage in the year.)
Here's a reading challenge for you: Copy the URL of a page you'd like to read into this site, and practise improving your reading speed! Try it - it's lots of fun!!! (Do not complain to me that you have become addicted...) I suggest you keep a log of how your reading speed increases.

Week 1 17/7 - 20/7
No formal homework this week, but it would be smart to find an interesting book to read

Week 2 23/7 - 27/7
No formal homework this week as it is 'Olympic Week'!

Week 3 30/7 - 3/8
Read for at least 20 minutes each day!
Learn your poem for the eisteddfod on 21 August at 16.45. Venue: Beaumont Primary. You will be tested on Monday to see much you have memorised, so please don't let your class down...

Week 4 6/8 - 10/8 (Public Holidays on Thursday and Friday)
Eisteddfod Poem

Week 5 13/8 - 17/8
Hand in Holes reading book
Eisteddfod Poem
Gr6U Please bring a 'chippie packet' to school on Monday.

Week 6 20/8 24/8
Eisteddfod on Tuesday
No spelling! Sorry!
Zero's Court Case in class tomorrow. .

Week 7 27/8 - 31/8
No spelling for next Monday as all the words need to be learnt for the test.
Please complete the READING LEVEL ASSESSMENT be next Monday. The link is here and on Symbaloo. ( Look for a black tile) Begin at the Starter Level. Only do one test per colour band.Carry on moving through the colour bands till you achieve 80%. Make sure you remember your level.
Revise for your test: all parts of speech that we have studied this year, poetry analysis, figurative language, homophones

Week 8 3/8 - 7/9
Please complete this READING LEVEL PAGE with your information by the end of the week.
Grammar Test 7/9

Week 910/9 - 14/9
Spelling will be on Wordstash by Tuesday. Test next Monday.
Please get you English test signed by Tuesday.

Write your Limerick in your Writing Book. Remember to make clear notes on Rhyming pattern and syllables in each line.Spelling for next Monday. Strollers 2. (Maybe you could start on Strollers 3 as well...)Sentence Structure for Next Monday. (Check on Symbaloo)

Week 2

Week 3
Spelling for Next Monday (Strollers 4)
I have created a study /revision tile on Symbaloo for those of you who want extra work.

Week 4
Work on KISS ing! Ha ha!

Week 5
You need to upload your KISS video onto Learners Shared Data by Monday afternoon so that I can put them on Reachateacha.
Revise for your exams. I have put more exercises on Symbaloo. (Check out the Edcanvases.)
Protect animals : rather look at THESE fireworks!